Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Bike Day!

Sorry for the bad picture. For those who haven't seen This is my new ride. I picked up this Affinity Lo Pro from some bro on the PDXFixed forums. Seriously in Portland right now there are the greatest deals on bikes and bike parts. Got her all set up and ready to smash the streets and tackle the gnarly hills of South Western Washington. Here is the bike check on this beauty
Frame:Affinity Lo Pro Size 53
Crank/Chainring/Bottom Bracket: Sugino 75/FSA 50t/Sugino 75
Front Wheel: Cheapo Deep V knock off to ghetto free ball bearing hub.
Rear wheel/Cog: Velocity Deep V laced to Miche Hub. Sadly this rim has a crack at the weld but still is holding up nicely./Miche Splined cog system 17t and 15t
Pedals/Straps/Clips: MKS Sylvans/ Saglife Double straps with Doublizer/ All City Plastic Double cages
Seat/Seatpost: Specialzed Avatar(straight up gellin')/Kirin
Bars/Stem: Inline Retro Track Drops or Easton EA30's with All City Track Grips/ SE Lager stock stem.
Everything about the handling of the bike is absolutely amazing, Rollz and spinz fer days. Only gripe is that it has bad over lap but gettting used to the handling now. Skids for days on the wet hills. 50x17 ratio is a monster and gets me place to place super fast. True track/pursuit geometry is way amazing and really diggin the straight bladed fork. Only thing needed to upgrade on this is the wheelset. Looking into some Veeps laced to DURA ACE. Would have this baby complete.

Send me pics of your bike and I'll post a bike check for you as well. I wanna get this whole blog thing on a roll now. I got hellaa free time and want to start some kind of online bike community with my friends. Lemme know whats up. Holla at ya boy!

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