Friday, December 4, 2009

Dura Ace Electronic Shifters: Fo tha Roadiez

We all know Dura-Ace is the name king when it comes to road grupos. But Shimano just released the new DA electronic shifting grupo. Its crazy an electronically flawless and precise shift. Amazes me with the new technology put into bikes. Read all about it here


  1. These TOO, but as of yet the majority of the Pro riders that use them only really use them TT bikes where the seconds and fractions of second really make all the difference between first and second. George Hincapie used them on his Scott bike during the Tour de France, though and I'm sure you'll see it on more of the Pro bikes in the 2010 season. As for your every day riders like myself the Ultegra and standard DA Gruppo is still the best we need. Hope to ride with you soon homie!

  2. Serious for TT's this is definitely the way to go. Like I am just amazed at the technology shimano is putting out. Really this is gonna revolutionize the way people think of shifters and deraileurs. The only people who literally would need this have to be racing CAT 1 definitely and rocking a disc and a trispoke or zipp 808. Dood working on getting a roadie or SSCX bike. Cyclocross is huge up here. Getting bigger than fixed in the bike community, well up here at least.

  3. I just upgraded my shifters to Ultegras and I'm pretty happy. I give it 2-3 years and you'll see electronic shifting in the Ultegra Gruppo too.