Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where is cycling heading in the near future?

I have been thinking a lot lately, and one thing I have been thinking about is the evolution of modern bike culture. I am wondering where is it gonna go and what is it to become. A lot has changed over the last couple years since this whole fixed gear boom. Many people are seeing bikes as an adequate transportation, more people are riding bikes and taking mass transit. Many big cities are realizing this and becoming more bike friendly. I see in the near future two forms of cycing that will blossom. One of course is the whole Fixed Gear Freestyle scene. I have noticed that over this last year track bikes/fixed hears have changed so much. Went from skinny tires and drop bars/pursuit bars to almost BMX/MTB looking bikes. Fat tires are the way of the future on fixed bikes. More and more people are pushing this sport to a new level. Jumping stairs to bar spins and 180's. Manufacturers have seen this niche in the market and are responding to it very well. But another aspect of cycling I am seeing blossom is road riding and cyclocross. This is where I see having a great boom. Many people never thought of racing road or cx before, thought bike shorts look funny and what not. I am not gonna lie before I started riding fixed I made fun of the old men in lycra smashing down hills and everything. But riding fixed and bikes in general has really opened my eyes to a whole new sport. Many young people are being introduced into it and finding enjoyment in the simplicity of a bicycle. More and more young people will realize the beneficial aspects of biking for fun and fitness. I do see great things in this next decade for bikes. Looking back I can't remember seeing as many people out riding like I do today. Think of a world where everyone rides bikes, the world would be a happier place.

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